Mobility as a way of thinking

We build cutting-edge iOS apps with simple goal: enriching employees' life. We eliminate production errors, improve communication and increase performance.

Our solutions

Digitized Manufacturing

Digital tools that permeate the entire production process will ensure increased efficiency and quality control.
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Business Transformation

Transform your business with apps focused on digitizing processes with an emphasis on mobility.


We offer technologies that bring the doctor closer to his patients. We are streamlining care and increasing the emphasis on a personal touch.


We develop and deliver applications specialized for air, rail and freight transport.

Start small
think big.

Instead of focusing on company processes that don't always work 100%, we focus on the desires and priorities of specific people in specific positions. And we build software layers to make their jobs as easy as possible. Whether it's always up-to-date blueprints, a job queue, simple and intuitive job write-offs, or fast tracking of defective pieces in production.

Once we've fine-tuned the interface for individual users, we add more valuable features step-by-step for as many users as possible. This makes it much more intuitive and faster for a company to collect and process the most important data - whether it's related to the work of a foreman, inspector, assistant or even top management.

We see simplicity as the most important adaptive element. And satisfied employees as natural drivers of further company development.

Who are we?

We are a software company operating in Zlín since 2014. A team of enthusiastic professionals with a passion for Apple devices, simplification and never-ending education.
With a simple goal - to be the best.

Digitalization is a natural phase of human evolution. It's not just about transferring information from paper to an iPad... our dream is to make people's lives easier and richer with value-added technology. One that they understand well and adapt naturally.

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