B2A is a leading development company from Zlín, a leader in the digitalization of processes in the manufacturing and transport sectors. We are looking for juniors and seniors who want to work on interesting projects and are willing to work on themselves.

Why work with us?

We develop our own solutions, we go our own way.
We have the experience, the strength and the ambition to conquer the world.
Our products are of world-class quality.
Every one of us is an A-class player.

Our software solutions are used by thousands of users in live operations. Each application is intuitive and user-friendly.

We do things that make sense.
We make our clients' operations more flexible, efficient and effective

What do we offer?

MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone
company car
chairs in a modern Zlín's office
or the possibility of working full remote
flexible working hours
contribution to meals and leisure activities
breaks at darts, regular teambuilding
well-stocked beverages corner
in-house language courses with a native speaker
space for self-realization and personal development
contribution to life and pension insurance
young team, casual atmosphere
  • Jan Kotrba
    „Programming is fun, but also a challenging and creative process. Creating a fully-functional app from just an idea is more complex than most people think. I have always been fascinated with software used by big companies and the many steps that their software has had to go through in order to become what it is today. It’s been 10 years since I wrote my first line of code and I still see room for improvement and for trying new things. The world of IT is constantly expanding and it is important to stay in the loop with the latest news, which is exactly what we do at B2A.“
  • Roman Manďák
    „After finishing my bachelor's degree I wanted to gain experience in the field. On the recommendation of my classmate, who now happens to be my colleague, I went to the interview and was given a chance to show what I was made of without any prior experience. During my studies I worked part-time and after I finished I joined as a new member of the B2A team. I devote my time and effort to the team and to the development of iOS applications, which not only involves creating the right architecture and implementation from a programming perspective, but also keeping up with the latest UX trends in the world of mobile apps. I also communicate with app users and utilise this information during development.“
  • Petr Kubíček
    „We work hard on things that make the most sense. We are always in the right place at the right time and we have the experience, strength and ambition to conquer the world. Come and see yourself! Our slogans are not empty words! In 2014, we founded B2A to help clients grow and be more efficient with digital innovations. I am responsible for strategy and business development and, in essence, the whole company. I'm still in touch with developers and I appreciate feedback from our clients. We make powerful and user-friendly software that really makes a difference. And we like it.“

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Connecting practice with theory


We give hard-working students the opportunity to participate in interesting projects for leading domestic and foreign companies during their studies. Summer internships, temporary jobs or part-time jobs are an ideal way to kick-start your career and gain practical skills.


Thanks to our cooperation with Tomas Bata University in Zlín, we introduce students to the latest trends from practice directly in the classroom. Regular workshops at the Faculty of Applied Informatics are led by our experienced head of development.


Together, we will help devise a final school assignment that's not just going to collect dust in a drawer somewhere, but will instead provide an effective practical solution to a real problem.

We are looking for people with talent and passion for our cause.

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