Digitized Manufacturing

The comprehensive B2A Digitized Manufacturing solution consists of several individual applications that are compatible with all leading ERP systems on the market, such as Helios Orange, ABRA, SAP Business One and others.


The Workplace application always provides production workers with a current work plan, including all information necessary for its performance. It enables information about commencement of work to be entered in the ERP, and production operations to be written off. It also serves as a tool for both specific and general communication with the employee.

B2A Quality Assurance

The application is used to document records of performed inspections, including the taking of photographs and recording of non-conformities. For effective use, the quality control operations should be part of the technological process, and there should be related operations on the production order, for which it is possible to commence and write off the work. Otherwise, we address the record-keeping method individually, according to our customers' specific requirements.


The application focuses on the work of a foreman in the production. It provides an overview of the current state of production, the option of a simple division of labour without the need for a personal consultation, and technological support for employees. It interconnects peopleand activities with the ERP, and helps streamline the overall workflow of production processes.


The digital storage inventory solution app accelerates and streamlines all logging activities in storage operation processes. It replaces scanner paperwork management and tasks with two-line scanners and uses an user friendly interface for iPad apps. The result is a simple and efficient creation of storage documents, stock taking and the implementation of another stock agenda.


The module is used for integration into the ERP system, and into individual B2A Digitized Manufacturing applications that work with production orders and operations. It is designed to be used by production workers to record important production process values, for an inter-operational inspection, for the approval of the first piece, or for the launch of a certain process. Communication with the ERP also enables secondary work with data – analyses, or a report for the customer.


The mobile application, for the Apple iPad device, provides assembly workers with an overview of all important documents and information necessary for the performance of their work. They can find the current work plan, future orders, information for the realisation of individual assemblies, a statement of performed work and records of discrepancies, all in one place. They can add photo documentation to the order, and easily generate a handover protocol.

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