The right people in the right place. Automatic job allocation according to a matrix of skills and competencies. Lots of staff time saved and attention directed to where it is most needed. 
We offer technology that brings the doctor closer to his patients.

Doctors and nurses

The doctor comes in for a no-paperwork visit. He scans the barcode from the wristband on the patient's arm with his tablet and immediately has all the data. The lab results flash on his watch, as does, for example, an alarming message from the nurse. One click and the nurse knows exactly what medication to administer.


The patient has all the medical information clearly on their iPad. He knows what to expect, who is taking care of him and can communicate directly with doctors and medical staff. He can easily create new requests that automatically go to the right hospital staff without delay.

Technology that makes healthcare more personal.

See how Apple products and apps help healthcare providers streamline their work, deliver better and more individual care.

Give your patients a more comprehensive view of their health.

Allow your patients to access and securely store their health records directly on their iPhone, using only the login credentials from your existing patient portal.

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