Human is naturally averse to any news, changes or innovation. That's the reason why we try to provide the tools which are natural to every customer. Tools which they know from their everyday life. We can solve a lot of problems in the area of efficiency, quality or on-time delivery by using modern technologies such as telephones or tablets are. Our solution is mainly in simple tools that streamline daily activities. We have brought innovations and solutions (not only) to the industrial sector.

The Seven Brave

Technologies eliminate unnecessary or excess work that is not productive for the company. But most people don't like changes. That is why we use a concept of "The Seven Brave". It means that in the companies where our solution was implemented, we selected 7 users (employees) who had the opportunity to test the application in operation. In the finals, after a week, the remaining workers came to see us and suddenly wanted to use the tablets as well. These are real examples from practice, proof instead of promises! So we try to motivate (not only) industrial players, especially through  the best-practices. By using real applications or demos on the premises of the holding, people find out that our applications are very user-friendly and also the implementation in the company isn't so complicated.

The basis of our work is that we allow to work with natural tools that enable and help collect data where it is not otherwise so easy. And no matter if it's industrial sector, field of transport or healthcare. The main principle is the same in all areas - increasing efficiency and productivity.

Innovation for healthcare

However, we see great potential in the current crisis situation, especially in sector of healthcare. Technological possibilities are several times higher than what a person is able to adapt in everyday life. Technologies have a high added value in the daily work of doctors or nurses. Our apps save time, our apps save lives! We are not afraid of change, we are breaking down barriers in the field of innovation!

discussion about innovation - redaction of oRobotice
discussion about innovation - redaction of oRobotice

We are looking for people with talent and passion for our cause.

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