Employees don't take a step in the household without a tablet or smartphone however they use automically paper and a pencil when they come to work. It is as if in an instant they have fallen from the era of digital trick movies to the time of silent grotesque. Many software developers describe a situation in czech manufacturing companies just this way.

Where on the other hand is digitization used effectively?

An example of using custom-built software that has saved millions is Ray Service, a manufacturer of wiring harnesses and electromechanical assemblies. "The initial investment of six million returned to us in 21 months, with one hundred people in production,“ says Rostislav Očadlík, facility manager of company. "We have drastically reduced the so-called reactive power in particular. Everyone in production now saves 30 minutes of work a day," he adds. "We have no longer to print production specifications and don't write any data on paper. The records run according to pre-prepared protocols in tablets, by the speedy click on the screen."

Many representatives of companies from the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors were personally inspected the operation of Ray Service. Others attended lectures leaded by Mr. Očadlík who repeatedly presented the benefits of digitization in operation and presented facts and real numbers as a reality. However the vast majority of companies give up in advance when they see how much extra work it entails and how lengthy and complex is a process of digitization. However long-term success cannot be achieved with this approach. „We try to develop a software for every company by individually way. Companies will gain incredible and unsuspected added value by digitization," Petr Kubíček is convinced, CEO in B2A.

Other successful innovators

Our other clients underwent a similar transformation as Ray Service. For example UCT Fluid Delivery Solutions from Liberec - the branch of an American corporation based in Silicon Valley. They streamlined production thanks to the immediate data collection from tablets. Or other companies as LokoTrain or Kovocité who have more efficient businesses thanks to tablets and custom softwares.

Involvement of digital technology in seemingly simple operations in production. This is a right direction in which companies with innovative mindsets should go in order to gain not only the turnover but also profits in the long run. Savings thanks to digitization are the solution what companies often do not even dream of. And an important essence of the whole digitization process is the simplicity of connecting software and hardware. That means phones and tablets which employees know intimately from everyday life.

use of custom-built software and tablets in production
use of custom-built software and tablets in production

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