Saving means efficiency! The digitalization of production is becoming more and more important topic. Many companies have invested in automation and improvement of their production processes due to coronavirus restrictions in the manufacturing industry. This is partly because the human factor is often more mistaken.

This is also confirmed by Spoluworks. One of our important customers. The company is engaged in the production of machined components for the aerospace industry and healthcare. And now, thanks to the digitization of processes, the quality department handles the the quality department handles the previously standard 24-hour operation in just 60 minutes! And that's really a big saving!

"The benefits of digitizing our production are very interesting. Increased customer confidence in our supplier reliability. For example, when some customers in the aerospace industry didn't require otherwise mandatory certification of production processes at the beginning of the cooperation. And in addition to the significantly increased interest of talented people in working in our company," adds Ota Horák, CEO of SpoluWorks.

The suspension of companies at the beginning of a pandemic has given many of them the opportunity to modernize their businesses. Alternatively, start the digitization process. As a result, many companies will avoid further possible restrictions in connection with Covid-19.

"We are currently finishing the testing phase of the workshop management system in cooperation with B2A. We simply defined the goal = the master sitting at home in a chair with an iPad must have all the necessary up-to-date information from the factory. And displayed so that he can flexibly respond to the current situation in production in real time. For example, to change work assignments for workshop collaborators," adds Ota Horák.

You can find this whole interview on the website!

digitization at SpoluWorks
digitization at SpoluWorks

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