Experience from abroad speaks for itself - installed applications on iPads or iPhones allow hospitals to work more efficiently. That's why we've taken proactive steps in this area - in collaboration with iStyle, an Apple Authorized Reseller. The first step is the delivery of iPads with the relevant medical applications to selected czech hospitals. We want to get closer to the possibilities and quality of foreign healthcare. So the paper documents will disappear from the hands of czech doctors and nurses in the near future and more efficient iPads will appear as a natural tool among people in medical field.

„For example, a situation where a doctor scans a barcode on a patient's bracelet during a visit and he can immediately see all necessary information on the tablet. Nurses, on the other hand, have a tool for safer and more infallible administration of the right medicines to patients,“ explains Petr Kubíček, CEO of B2A.

Positive experiences from healthcare

iPads can also be used by patients. They can monitor their own health thanks to special applications. The patient is directly involved in his own treatment and rehabilitation with his attending doctor. Thus, he can be kept informed throughout his hospital stay. In addition to this, during unexpected events such as the current coronavirus epidemic, patient can be in touch with his family by using iPad. The proof is the current personal experience of several coronavirus patients to whom iStyle supplied iPads for this purpose.

“Both iStyle and Apple see healthcare as one of the most important industries where we can operate. Thanks to the experience we have gained in other fields, we can naturally help doctors, nurses and patients. This seems to be the right sector for applying the added value of our facilities in conjunction with the application for medical staff. According to foreign experience, which is clearly documented from the USA and Great Britain, we perceive a positive impact on health care. It's meant as savings of time and improving patient care,” adds to the topic Matyáš Rezek, Sales Manager iStyle.

Czech hospitals generally don't have enough of digital technologies

It is a well-known fact that czech hospitals don't use sufficiently modern applications or software intended directly for healthcare. Many hospitals themselves are reluctant to do so. They are afraid of losing the direct relationship between doctor and patient. But the opposite is true. Tablets perform the same function as the paper documents, only in quicker and more effective way. There is a question if a current situation of coronavirus pandemic will help to hospitals to change an opinion. We definitely hope - yes!

„It is also about of a certain computer proficiency. Maybe people in hospitals are afraid that they won't understand the applications, they will be difficult for them. But the experiences are totally different. There is nothing simplier and more user-friendly than holding a touch tablet in your hand and clearly searching, entering or dictating the necessary data,“ says Petr Kubíček.

technologies in healthcare
technologies in healthcare

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